Ace Steel, a wrestling stalwart, embraces change as he transitions into a new role at TNA Wrestling

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Ace Steel, a highly respected figure in the world of professional wrestling, has recently announced his new role as a producer for TNA Wrestling. With a career spanning several decades and various promotions, Steel's journey is characterized by his unwavering tenacity and dedication to the craft.

In a recent interview with John Poz on the Two Man Power Trip podcast, Steel not only reminisced about his past experiences but also unveiled his latest endeavor in joining TNA Wrestling. This move signifies another significant chapter in a career that has seen Steel make his mark in promotions such as WWE, ROH, AEW, and NOAH Japan.

Transitioning from being a wrestler to taking on a strategic role behind the scenes, Steel emphasized the different skill sets required for each. He described wrestling in the ring as storytelling, while working behind the curtain involves orchestrating the entire narrative.

Steel's enthusiasm for his new role at TNA Wrestling was evident during the announcement at the Bound For Glory event in October. He expressed excitement about contributing to a company known for its blend of innovation and tradition, emphasizing the importance of his experience in such a pivotal moment for the organization.

Reflecting on the positive atmosphere within TNA Wrestling, Steel spoke of the unity among the team and their collective dedication to delivering the best possible show for the fans. This supportive environment serves as both a refreshing change and a source of motivation for Steel as he embarks on this new chapter.

A significant aspect of Steel's career has been his commitment to training and mentorship, having worked with notable talents like CM Punk and contributing to the development of wrestlers at the WWE Performance Center. His pride in seeing his students succeed is evident, underscoring his passion for nurturing the next generation of talent in the industry.

As Steel takes on his new role at TNA Wrestling, it is evident that his journey is far from over. Instead, it represents the continuation of a storied career that continues to inspire and influence the wrestling community worldwide