Nam-gu recognizes BTS' Jimin in Hall of Fame for notable donations to 'Hometown Love' project, fans delighted

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On February 22, 2024, South Korean media outlet Busan Ilbo disclosed that Nam-gu had enshrined BTS member Jimin in their Hall of Fame for his significant contributions to the Hometown Love Donation project.

This isn't Jimin's initial foray into philanthropy, as he has previously supported various charity and donation initiatives aimed at assisting underprivileged children. His commitment to humanitarian causes and societal betterment has been longstanding.

Upon learning of Jimin's latest act of generosity, fans flooded social media with expressions of pride. One fan tweeted, "Jimin has shown over and over again that he has a heart of gold."

According to reports, Jimin contributed $3,766.08 to the Hometown Love Donation program, hitting the maximum donation limit for individuals. He stands among the seven major donors to the program. The uniqueness of the Hometown Love Donation program lies in its allowance for donations to be made to local governments outside of one's own residence.

Jimin specifically directed his donation to Nam-gu, a district situated in the South Central region of Busan where his father's café, MAGNATE, is situated. His philanthropic endeavors earned him a spot in Nam-gu's Hall of Fame for Major Donors of the Hometown Love Donation project, as well as a Plaque of Appreciation awarded in August 2023. The plaque recognized his contributions toward uplifting vulnerable segments of society and nurturing local communities and youth within the district.

Local reports also highlighted Jimin's humble and down-to-earth demeanor, noting that he graciously donated back the local specialties he received as gifts to those in need within the district. The Nam-gu office revealed that over 1000 individuals have contributed to the Hometown Love Donation program, amassing a total of over 110.95 million won thus far.

News of Jimin's philanthropic efforts quickly spread, igniting a wave of celebration among fans on social media. Familiar with the singer's longstanding commitment to noble causes, the fandom wasn't taken aback by this latest display of generosity. Social platforms were flooded with praises for the idol, with fans affectionately referring to him as an angel and expressing their aspirations to follow in his footsteps.

The fanbase expressed immense pride in Jimin, stating their admiration for his altruism and expressing a desire to emulate his goodness.

Following his completion of a five-week basic training, the singer was honored with the Exemplary Service commendation by the Chief of Division for his outstanding performance. He has since been deployed to the Fifth Infantry Division, where he will fulfill the remaining duration of his military service. His anticipated discharge is slated for 2025.