Radical left' blamed by Trump Jr. for white powder, threat letter sent to his home

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Hazmat teams rushed to the Florida residence of Donald Trump Jr. on Monday following the delivery of a letter containing an unidentified white powder at his doorstep. Confirming the incident, the eldest son of former President Donald Trump disclosed that the letter, opened in his home office, also carried a death threat. Trump Jr. remarked on the unfortunate frequency of such occurrences, stating, "It's just become a little bit too commonplace that this sort of stuff happens."

Regardless of political beliefs, he emphasized the unacceptability of such acts, decrying them as "unacceptable." Trump Jr. attributed the sending of the mysterious powder to "radical haters on the left."

Preliminary reports indicate inconclusive findings regarding the substance, with officials suggesting it is not lethal. While condemning the incident irrespective of political affiliation, Trump Jr. implicated "radical haters on the left" as responsible. This incident marks the second instance for Trump Jr., with a similar occurrence happening in 2018 when white powder was sent to his then-wife, Vanessa.

The letter contained threats to Trump and his entire family.

Jupiter police have passed the investigation to the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office, though immediate details are unavailable. The repetition of such incidents involving the Trump family raises concerns about targeted attacks.

The use of white powder in threatening letters evokes memories of the anthrax scares of 2001 when lethal substances were mailed to news organizations and political figures. However, in this case, the substance is believed to be non-lethal.

This incident compounds a series of security concerns faced by the Trump family over the years, including previous instances involving white powder sent to various Trump-related locations. Authorities are diligently investigating these incidents, seeking to prevent potential harm and address the broader issue of politically motivated threats. As investigations progress, the security of the Trump family remains under scrutiny, underscoring the challenges confronting public figures and their families in a politically charged environment.